Sunday, 15 July 2012

Paradise Tournament I

Paradise Tournament I

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to curse's first Paradise Coalition Tournament!

A hard, fast brawl to see who the best of the best is! Fast paced action, Bloody brawl's, Lewts! And prize's! The fights themselves will be a fun social event with prizes for the winners.

Rules are as follows:

T1 Ships only! That means no faction/No T2!
T1 Modules ONLY! T1 Covers all up to Meta level 4 ( IE; Named modules )

NO - Faction/T2/Deadspace modules allowed.

T1 Drones only! NO T2 DRONES!


Each match will last for 6 minutes maximum.

ALL Ships prior to match start will be ship scanned to make sure rules are being followed. Anyone found breaking them will be killed instantly. You will land at a range between 100km - 0mk of the fight marshal, You will be the only 2 in fleet with said marshal to prevent fleet booster alts. You will receive the exact same bonuses from basic fleet skills the marshal has. You will have a 150km "arena" in which to fight anyone who strays more then 150km from the Marshal will be instantly killed and disqualified.

In the event of a tie breaker  pilot skill and damage received that is visible at the end of the match will be taken into account and the best display of pilot skill will win based on spectator votes.

It will work like on a tree based system with winners advancing until the final round minimum participants is 20! Also the number must be even otherwise we will need to fill a slot.

Prizes will go to the first, second and third place scaling respectively.


All ISK is to be pooled into the prize pool which is steadily growing.

Current prizes include:

Cynabal Hull

Dramiel/Halo Beta

Any donations welcome :)